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Interested in learning Professional Hypnotherapy and Certification?   We're not some Big
School...I've just been quietly teaching small groups of folks including everything from medical
doctors, to clergy persons, business folks, and even opera singers for more than 20 years.  We have
some amazing faculty members who drop by from time to time to help teach too.  If you are
weighing your options, considering opportunities, why not give me a call?  I'll give you all the
information you need to make up your own mind and let you talk to my former learners and now
colleagues.  No pressure here.  Whether you decide to take advantage of our offerings or not, we
can become friends!

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Exciting News!  Dr. Anna Spencer Taught Her World Renowned
Medical Hypnoanalysis Course Through MIPH - This was her last
class.  No one will be able to take it again!  But Don't Despair if you
missed it - we recorded it!  I'm now in the process of editing it - this
will be a matter of months.  While I am in the editing process - Big
Savings Can Be yours!  Check out the details below!
September 13 & 14 and 20 & 21 - Historic Dates!

Hypnotherapy pioneer Dr. Anna Spencer is, indisputably, the worlds foremost
expert on the Byran Model of Medical Hypnoanalysis, having taught it to thousands
over the past three decades!   She used to charge more than $700 for this intensive
four day - 40 hour seminar.  This modality served as the backbone of her personal
practice and, along with helping multitudes, made her an excellent living.  I was
honored beyond words to have her teach it for the last time through my school!  I
had a number of folks ask me to record it and I did.  I'm not a professional
photographer, however, and am in the process of editing it so that the production
starts to approach the quality of the ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL CONTENT!  The
program will contain all relevant live recordings - an extensive curriculum with
additional files - and pertinent student questions along with answers.  It's the next
best thing to having been there - and you can view it again and again for life!  

It is certainly worth the $700 or more Dr. Anna used to charge but I haven't settled
on a final post editing price.  While I'm working on it, I'd like to make it available to a
few select friends through a special arrangement through November.  If you order it
while the course is being edited, you can have this COMPLETELY AMAZING
Seminar - Yours to keep forever - for $249.97?  After it is edited will NEVER be so
inexpensive!  But because you are an early bird...and because you know the kind of
quality we're talking about here, let me make a special early bird friend deal! Just
click the button below. And, when the whole kit is ready to be sent to you, you can
smile at all those folks who didn't pick this up for a song.  If you have any questions,
you can reach me at the e-mail or phone number above!  Thanks for looking....and

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